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indispensable speaking and leadership skills

Speaking and leadership skills, through human history, have helped elevate ordinary humans to extraordinary levels of success.


In a world poised for great change and increased complexity, these skills aren't nice-to-have; they're prerequisites for survival and growth.

happiness, noun:

Persuit of excellence in a meaningful endeavour.

Upcoming Program

introduction to public speaking

At some point in your life, in order to move up, you’ll have to speak in public. But, most people become anxious, nervous, even paralyzed with fear and panic.


  • What makes a speech great?

  • How does someone become a great speaker?

  • How does one speak compellingly, tell stories and give memorable speeches?


Whether fair nor not, people form conclusions about you based on how you speak.

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services offered

Explore our diverse range of available programs designed to empower and inspire your personal growth.

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public speaking

Introduction to public speaking for middle- and high-school students.

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executive coaching

Coaching for mid-level professionals on how to accelerate career growth.

Seize the opportunity to excel. Book your appointment now and embrace a path towards success.

success stories

“I highly recommend to anyone willing to improve public speaking and presentation skills to consult with Amitabh and learn how to master the art of speaking."

Elisabeth Hamon| Executive Assistant to the CEO of Logitech

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