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public speaking

Speaking confidently and compellingly propels you to success, no matter what you do for a living.

Services include: 


  • Introduction to Public Speaking (Students)

  • Advanced Speaking Techniques (Professionals)

  • Secrets of World Champion Speakers (Professionals)

Having Amitabh on my side gave me the confidence to deliver my content as best as I possibly could.

- Janaki Kumar, Managing Director & Chief Design Officer, JP Morgan Chase

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Amitabh speaking on a panel discussion at a global technology conference in Singapore


introduction to public speaking

At some point in your life, in order to move up, you’ll have to speak in public. But, most people become anxious, nervous, even paralyzed with fear and panic. What makes a speech great? How does someone become a great speaker? How does one speak compellingly, tell stories and give memorable speeches?

Whether fair nor not, people form conclusions about you based on how you speak. Communication skills are critical to success at work and in relationships. Unfortunately, even if one possesses knowledge and self-confidence, lack of communication skills can cause one to trip up. Lack of these skills can result in errors, misunderstanding, frustration or even disaster (imagine a pilot miscommunicating with air traffic control). Fortunately, however, there are communication 'skills,' not 'talents.'

On the flip side, because public speaking causes anxiety and fear, you have an advantage! If you’re able to overcome your fear and speak powerfully. It places you far ahead of the competition. You’ll advance your career on the fast track, get into a college of your choice, or simply boost your confidence in social situations.


executive coaching

Amitabh has nearly 10 years of experience in coaching professionals to achieve greater levels of success at what they do.

Our 1-on-1 coaching includes the following: 


  • Speaking and presentation skills

  • Discovering what you were meant to do

  • Career growth strategies

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